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Stand Out
A Stand Out! business brokerage experience”

No matter what your business objectives are, I can help: Whether it is to sell your business right away; prepare it to sell a year or two down the road; or if your plan is to purchase a business instead; or if it is to take your current business a step forward and increase its bottom line. Whatever your business objective is, I bring extensive and unique skills to the table that can assist.

Feel free to request your free copy of my book Stand Out! Arizona Business. This 260-page book is a complimentary Value Added ervice that I’m pleased to provide to business owners. The book will be invaluable to owners wanting to grow their business as well as to those looking to enhance a business’s value prior to selling. Whatever your intentions, I’m confident you’ll find this book to be a panacea of useful information and ideas.

I’m also pleased to offer How To Sell Your Arizona Business, a free 140-page book which will be available July 10. This information loaded book will be a “must read” resource for owners who are contemplating selling a business and are wishing to do so more successfully.

My own 40 years of business experience includes building several successful businesses from the ground up along with many years in commercial real estate and business brokerage. I also have extensive knowledge in marketing, with six marketing and other business books to my credit. I have a strong acumen for finding unique ideas and marketing approaches that bolster businesses, either for growth purposes or to sell them. I do so employing techniques that make a business truly stand out.

As a business broker I would be pleased to help ensure a successful sell or purchase of a business. If you are looking for ideas to assist with your business’s ongoing growth program then I can offer those as well through AZBuildABiz a consulting service I run separately from my brokerage practice. Whatever your needs, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.