1. A Picture Tells a 1,000 Words and unless you post a good one then chances are they aren’t going to read many of yours. It is amazing how many photos look like someone grabbed the first one. Your photos are your ticket so get a friend who is good with a camera or a pro to take yours.  

  2. Smile! Unless your intention is to limit your dating to those toiling away in North Korean labor camps or funeral directors then most or all of your pictures should show off your smile. Smiles make you friendly and likable and most of us look even better in a smile than we do in a bathing suit.  

  3. You Light Up My Life but does your picture do the same thing? Many online pictures are too dark which are what flashes are for, duplicating what the sun does. And speaking of the sun, watch out for shadows. The right light makes us look better. Morning light when the sun isn’t too high can be best.

  4. Have an Ice Breaker Photo. You want to show off your smile, but then have 1 or 2 photos at the end that show you in action doing something you love. You might even add a caption. A picture of you skiing, being goofy, or wearing my favorite team’s jersey gives someone a cue to respond to.   

  5. What Can’t You Live With? They're too devoted to their family or their friends or their cat, or maybe someone not devoted enough. They say the seeds of breakup are sewn in the first 10 minutes. Know your deal breakers before you invest months in a relationship. Announce them in your profile.   

  6. Make Your Profile Your Weed Eater Most of us don’t want to date death row inmates so there is no need to say so. But dating is hard work so use your profile to weed out the types that don’t work for you, such as outdoor types if you’re not, or workaholics if that’s not a fit.   

  7. Names Matter You wouldn’t name your kid Bob3693 or SexySally26, so why do you want that name dangling on yourself? Think of something catchy that truly reflects who you are, such as SlalomingSally if you like skiing, or Bob11Toes is bound to get you noticed, and a laugh! 

  8. Make Your Headline a Grabber That’s Journalism 101. No one picks up a newspaper to read Council Passes Law, but "Dinosaur Attack!!!", that’s a headline we’ll read further!  Study headlines that attracted your attention and then personalize it to you using humor, sincerity or fun.  

  9. Yus Yur Spel Chekker Nobody would write in their profile, “Here’s an interesting fact about me, I’m quite stupid,” and yet poor spelling or poor grammar says just that to many people reading your profile. And if your profile is a mess, they’re thinking then what about your life?

  10. Use Your Thesaurus There are 55 different ways to say nice, and doesn’t ducky sound a lot more memorable? There are also over 100 ways to say interesting such as alluring, engaging and enchanting, so there is no need to be boring. Word choices add passion and poetry to your profile.   

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